New Years Day

New Years Day
17 Degrees

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19

The PM report brought to you by "BMW"
We're winding down our great lakes tour. is a few pics of Michigan.
Mr. Happy at "Dogs and Suds" for lunch.
Well... "Thats all Folks".........
We're homeward bound now.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aug 18

The Daily report brought to you by the "SS Badger" 

The SS Badger, a coal fired steamer built in 1953 at Green Bay, Wi. as a car carrier.
Mr. Happy is excited about his first steamer voyage.
The lighthouse at the Manitowic harbor
A view from the aft top deck.
Oh!no! Mr. Bill....we are on the wrong ship! Aren't those the White Cliffs of Dover????
The Harbor in Ludington, MI. after a 4 hour voyage and a 140 miles across lake Michigan.
It's been a long exciting day. 

Reporting live from the road less traveled.....


Reporting live from the SS Badger. Maniwatoc wi. We are on board a 1953 steamer headed to Mi.
More later
Mr. Happy enjoying nature.
Until next time...reporting from the road less traveled.....

August 18

Its the AM report Brought to you by the big lake they call "Gittchi Gami"!
Reporting from the land of lake "Wobegon"
We rode from Ely,Mn to Waussau,WI on our way to Green Bay to catch the ferry to Michigan. So...set back and relax and enjoy our photo journey.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16

The PM report brought to you by "AeroStich"
This morning Mr. Happy rode home to "Aerostich" in style. He is sooooo......Happy to be back home for a visit.
Our eternal thanks to the great people at "Aerostich" for fixing my riding pants on the fly. They truly make the best riding gear in the world.  Thank you Aerostich!

Our next stop was Two Harbors, MN. The light house at Two Harbors.
Two Harbors, it is beautiful up here. We are currently in Ely, MN this is a fly fishing dream.
until next from the road less traveled.